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PVC suspension Resin (Carbide base & Ethylene base)

K 55-59(SG8), K 60-62(SG7), K 63-65(SG6), K 66-68(SG5), K 69-70(SG4) & K 71-72(SG3)

SG1-3 mainly for wire & cable

SG4-7 mainly for rigid PVC products,eg,window profile,pipe,door etc.



Pvc Paste Resin

Polymerization Degree 1000150

Brookfield viscosity(10-3Pa.3) ≤ 7000

Volatile matter% ≤ 0.5

Residual VCM PPM ≤ 10


Grade Homopolymer K-Value Particle size Paste viscosity* Main Applications

>100um >63um Brookfield 20 rpm Servers 500S-1

Unit ___ Max. % Max. % Pa.s Pa.s

Test Method ISO 1628-2 SABIC EPVC009 SABIC EPVC009 ISO 2555 ISO 4575



PVC703E 70 0.05 1 65** 6** Spread coating, fast chemical foam with very low density and very fine closed call structure. High plastic zing level.

PVC702E 70 0.01 0.5 15 18 Spread of chemically blown semi rigid coatings Rotational molding and dip molding. Low plastic zing level.

PVC701E 70 0.01 0.5 25 15 High speed spread coating, screen coating of textured foam wall covering. Rotational molding and dipping. Very low plastic zing level

PVC701E 80 0.01 0.5 25 15 High speed spread coating. Coated fabric applications requiring superior mechanical properties. Very low plastic zing level.


Past made from 50 phr DOP, measured after 24 hr. aging.

Past made from 70 phr DOP, measured after 24 hr. aging



Description of PVC resin SG5(K=66-68):

Viscosity number: 113ml/g (K value: 66-68)

Volatiles (moisture): 0.04% (max.)

Impurity particle number (400cm2): 16 (max.)

Apparent density: 0.55 (min.)

Residue content of chloroethylene: 0.4

White content (160, 10min): 88% (min.)


Pvc resin: Specification: Properties units values K value 68-65

Viscosity number 118-107

Apparent density g/ml 0. 45max

Absorbed dose(g) for

Plasticizer of resin 100g each g 20min

Content of volatile matter

(including water) % 0. 4max

The number of impurity particles 16max

Rate of siftout

Screen mesh 0. 25mm 2%max

Rate of siftout

Screen mesh 0. 063mm 90%max

The number of fish eye/400cm2 20max

Residue vcm 8ppm max

Whiteness (160?C, 10min) 74%


Packing: Packed in 25 kg pp + pe / craft paper bags

Quantity per 20'fcl: 17 mt


PVC(Polyvinyl Chloride Resin)

( Model Number : SG1 )


NO\Type\Name of specification\Grade super 1st standard

1.Viscosity numberml/gaverage polymerizafion degree 156-144(77-75)

2.black spot 16 30 90

3.Volatile matter and moisture% 0.30 0.40 0.50

4.Bulk density g/ml 0.45 0.42 0.40

5.residual% Paticle size% 0.25mm sieve 2.0 2.0 8.0 Paticle size% 0.063mm sieve 90 90

.Conductivity of water extract ion solufion s/m <5?10-3

10.vcm residuals ug/g< 8 10



Material: PVC Resin


"K" Value: 65 - 67


Packing : Packed in 25kg bag, 16mt loose stowed in 20'FCL


Current Product Availability

Product Description Pkg Mkt Vol Comments

PVC Resin-Offgrade Copolymer

K35/VA 17% 25kg bags Intl 100MT Price: $950/MT FOB

PVC Resin - K51/53-Offgrade 25kg bags Intl 40MT Price: $980/MT FOB

PVC Resin K72 -near prime 25kgs or SS Intl 500MT Price: $950/MT USD FOB

PVC Resin K66 PVC Pipe resin 25kg bags or SS Intl 500MT Price: $890/MT USD FOB

PVC Resin Copolymer Resin K45/VA 15% 25kg bags Intl. 40MT Price:$1560/MT FOB

Plastisol Grey/MGO/PVC/DINP drums Intl 240MT Price: $0.60/lb. FOB

PVC Pond Resin K value 66 +/- 4 SS Intl 1000MT Price: $685/MT FOB


PVC Resin (suspension,powder) , Type S-57 , S-65 (in 25kg sacks)